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Jack Daniels Porsche Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Lee P | New Jersey | 2017-04-13

Our salesman Cliff made the deal happen. He was friendly, knowledgeable and actually followed up! If it were for him we were going to purchase a different vehicle. Our salesman Cliff is fantastic!

Zubid J | New Jersey | 2017-04-13

James Simon was the most professional salesperson I have dealt with in 35 years of buying cars. His sales manager was great as well. First Porsche I have bought that felt like the "Lexus experience" we are all used to.

Jordan Brand | New Jersey | 2017-04-25

I have been purchasing high end cars for over thirty years and my sales team of Steve Johnson and Gursh Singh were the best I have ever come across. They were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Sales Manager, Dijana Stanisic oversaw the entire ordering and delivery process and made this as smooth a car transaction as I have ever had. I highly recommend Jack Daniels Porsche - they are a step above every other high end auto dealership.

Anthony C | NY | 2017-04-13

This was by far one of the easiest car purchasing experiences I have ever had. The color combinations of the car I wanted were not available from a previous dealer (which was closer to my house). Jack Daniels procured the exact car I wanted while still in Germany and delivered to me 2 weeks earlier than expected. And the car was PERFECT.

James P | New Jersey | 2017-04-13

David Chais was an outstanding salesperson. I have purchased over 18 cars in my life including high end brands Lexus, Mercedes, and Acura. David was by far the best salesman. He addressed my needs and never pressured the sale. Very professional. It's what I expect when buying a $140k car. Mercedes wasn't even close.

Steven O | New York | 2017-04-13

Cliff Schlein is a real professional in this field.

Jay L | New Jersey | 2016-12-02

This was the most pleasant and stress-free car purchase in my lifetime, thanks mostly to my salesperson @ Jack Daniels Dealership, Mr. David Chais. I can not say more nice things about David. He is a true asset to Porsche Sales Dept @ jack Daniels Porsche in Bergen. He clearly understands consumer needs and anxiety that comes along with purchasing a vehicle. More importantly he knew exactly how to put his clients at ease first, and then gain trust. My recent interaction with Mr. Chais has made me want to visit the dealership again, and also recommend them to all my 'Porschephile' friends. Thank you David.

Kevin M | New York | 2017-02-27

My salesman, Gursh, answered all my questions about the vehicle. He really knows the cars. The entire buying process was effortless on my part. I've always wanted a 911 but after seeing this Cayman S in Agate Grey and taking it for a drive I decided to buy it instead.

John M | New Jersey | 2016-12-10

Ernest was very professional, honest Staff and manager were great, easy to work with!

Jose L | New Jersey | 2017-01-23

I had an amazing experience with everyone at the dealership, the salesperson, lady at the service department, Rashid at the financing dept, sales manager and of course the person who initially help me become a loyal customer, Brian from the parts department. Such an outstanding team. Thanks so much..! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to own one and when I first saw the Panamera when they first came out I fell in love with them.

Anthony C | New York | 2017-01-23

I could not have been more pleased with the entire process. It was seamless from the "get go"...and my Sales Associate, James Simon, was knowledgeable, attentive and took a great deal of pride ensuring my FULL satisfaction !

M Calabrese | New Jersey | 2017-01-23

Excellent and professional dearship

John S | New Jersey | 2017-01-23

I replaced the Maserati Ghibli...I owned a Porsche Cayenne in the past . It was my favorite car.

Andrew V | NJ | 2016-11-28

Great reviews on the internet. Great test drive and the salesperson, Max answered all our questions and concerns and was very professional and responsive. We have dealt with a good number of car dealers to purchase or lease cars and I can honestly say that our purchase experience at Jack Daniels Porsche with our salesperson Max was our best experience ever. He was professional, answered all our questions, and gave us complete confidence in our first experience buying a Porsche. The whole process was very smooth, relaxing and hassle free, with no sales pressure and it was a pleasure working with him. We are recommending him to friends and neighbors!

Barbara S | NJ | 2016-11-28

Max Drelinger our salesperson at Jack Daniels Porsche was extremely helpful and patient with us, answered all of our questions and ultimately was the person who sold the car. My daughter and I went to another Porsche dealer, we felt dismissed and was not even given a second call back. Max called us back and made sure we kept an appt for my husband to see and test drive the car. Had he not followed up we probable would have not purchased the car. Max has also been available to us when we called with some other questions! We have also recommeded him to our friend!

Ira G | NJ | 2016-11-28

Ernie Ramos our salesman went above & beyond in his effort to facilitate selection, purchase, & delivery.

Alexandra L | NJ | 2016-11-28

My sales person David Chais was phenomenal and made the deal easy. I almost purchased a similar vehicle from Town Porsche and thanks to David and manager John Panagia they were able to accomodate. I am a driving enthusiast and spend a lot of time in the car. I initially entered your facility looking for a Macan S, but after speaking with David the GTS was the sweet spot. Prior to this purchase I had a 2004 Audi S4 Sedan, a 2008 Mercedes ML63 AMG, and a 2011 Audi S5 Convertible.

Karen W | NJ | 2016-11-28

Marty Field my salesperson was outstanding. He answered my questions and demonstrated the features of the Macan. He helped me place my order by showing me those features and explaining how they worked. He knows this particular car inside out. I felt complete confidence placing my order with him.

Josef K | NJ | 2016-11-28

It was a positive experience.

Theresa C | NJ | 2016-11-28

James Simons is very professional and we felt very comfortable working with him.

Kingdon | NJ | 2015-11-20

"My initial experiences (at OTHER dealerships) with Porsche as we searched for our next vehicle were less than stellar, the encounters left me a bit disappointed and somewhat perplexed. After several attempts elsewhere I decided to put my trust in Jack Daniels Porsche and give them a shot at our business. This proved to be the right move! I was paired up with Paul Majeune our sales professional who was a joy to work with. Paul is extremely knowledgeable on the Porsche brand and in particular the Macan which is the model we were interested in. Paul worked closely with myself and my family on the build of our Macan, he was there to guide us and answer any questions along the way, patient and proficient, the consummate professional. Big George was also involved with our deal and provided us with a value for our trade in, thanks to George I knew where we stood and could trust his forthright and accurate appraisal. David Chais was in the mix as well, he offered support for us as we awaited delivery of the vehicle and at my request gave a discerning update once my vehicle arrived. Gary Price is the finance manager who we worked closely with as well to craft a detailed and comprehensive package for the vehicle. Gary was spot on in all aspects of our financing options and gave us valuable insight along the way. When it came time to finalize the deal Gary had all the paperwork in order and squared away which made what could have been a stressful experience into a trouble free encounter. I can't forget Donna Miraglia who was so accommodating throughout the process. She was always upbeat and a joy to work with. I suspect one of the main reasons Jack Daniels Porsche is such a successful dealership is due in large part to the team of professionals they have. Everyone we encountered along the way proved to be dedicated professionals with a great work ethic. Even Chris (who was not my salesman) was willing to answer my questions on the Macan without hesitation. I trust ownership & management will take the time to personally recognize each and every one of these fine individuals on behalf of our family, as a first time Porsche customer they made our dream come true for us, thank you so very much. Sincerely, the Knowles family."

Becky le pag | NJ | 2015-11-20

"In February of this year I purchased a porsche cayman from salesman Chris Franco.It was obvious to this buyer that Chris was knowledgeable and really believes in the awesome porsche product he sells.I bought my Cayman witnin half an hour of my test drive! Unfortunately every time I went to pick up the car it snowed! Mother nature was making delivery difficult. Chris Franco to the rescue, he assured me that Jack Daniels would store the car for me until mother nature would cooperate. I Picked the car up Two weeks later.When I inquired what the storage fee was, I was told this was a courtesy to me .I was impressed to say the least.Jack Daniels goes above and beyond the norm of customer service.They deliver superior customer satisfaction. They are an excellent model for the automotive sales and service Industry.Gary Price helped me in selecting and extended warranty and a Lo Jack anti theft system for the Cayman.Again, all my questions and concerns were answered by this seasoned professional. I was treated with the utmost of respect from these gentlemen, my husband had passed away just four months previously, this was my first car purchase without him.Thank you Chris, Gary and Jack Daniels for the smile on my face when driving that Cayman.You people are awesome me h knowledgeable of the awesome porsche product he sells."

Khristina | NJ | 2015-11-20

"I was in the market to purchase/lease a new car and although I am a late 30s female professional, having recently divorced, this was the first time I was ensuing this process on my own. I started my day by going into the Porsche dealership closest to my house (Englewood) and was ignored and directly told they were too busy to help me and I should come back later. That said, they were very helpful and available to every man that walked in the door. I left in frustration and found my way to Jack Daniels where I was immediately & warmly greeted by Paul Majeune. Paul spent an extensive amount of time with me as we discussed the options and he was thorough in his explanations. Paul walked me thru the various prices step by step and was very transparent in terms of how he was getting to the different numbers. I am now a proud driver of a Panamara. I would highly recommend Jack Daniels and Paul specifically to anyone in the market for a Porsche."

Anthony P. | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Courtesy and professionalism beyond what I could reasonably expect marked my Jack Daniels experience. This was the second Panamera I bought from David Chais. He knows the car inside and out. He was direct and to the point about price without the usual haggle factor. I shopped around and he clearly gave me the best deal yet also gave me the best service I could possibly expect. He and Gary Price facilitated the delivery process seamlessly and with attention to detail. I highly recommend David Chais and Jack Daniels Porsche.."

Sleekride | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Was referred to JDP by a work colleague and it was the best referral I have ever experienced. Quite possibly one of the fastest car deals I have ever been involved in. Paul Majeune, sales, stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences. I am extremely happy with my vehicle selection. A very athletic yet elegant Carrera S now sits in my garage. Paul and Gary Price, Finance Dept, are both aces in my book. I look forward to my next Porsche selection. I genuine Thank You to Evan Gemma, Paul Majeune and Gary Price for making this the smoothest, most relaxed vehicle acquisition I've ever experienced."

J.P. | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Walking into Jack Daniels Porsche is an amazing experience in and of itself! The modern, sophisticated style of this building is impressive inside and out and the selection is even better; you can really appreciate all of the styles that Porsche has to offer! I was then greeted by a very nice woman and was introduced to one of the sales consultants, Paul. Right off the bat I knew Paul was a genuine guy, as he shook my hand and looked me in the eye, showing sincere interest in my wants and needs of a vehicle. Being a young guy, sometimes dealerships (even less prestigious than Porsche) do not take me seriously, but everyone at Jack Daniels definitely did! Paul took time to show me what he had available in the Cayman S models and went over in detail about certain options, etc. He then offered a test drive; having the car pulled right up for me and let me let her rip (even in the pouring rain!). After that, Paul worked his magic, never saying "no" and got me to the monthly payment most comfortable for my finances. Paul forwarded me to Gary Price, one of the finance consultants, and Gary quickly put together the deal and offered and amazing promotion on the tire/wheel/windshield/ding protection warranty! Why do I recommend this dealership? It's simple. They're real people who understand that we share a passion for cars and want to make it happen for you!!! I'm now proud to say I'm apart of the Jack Daniels family and even better - the Porsche Family. Thank you to Paul Majeune and Gary Price for making it happen. I will buy all of my future vehicles through you two."

c2far56 | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Let me start by giving you a little history about my experience with Curtis Aldershof, I first met him about 18 months ago when he was the G.M. at BMW and me and my very good friend Peter sheeleigh bought 3 cars from him and his staff. So about 10 months we received a call from Curtis telling us where he had moved to. We decided to pay Curtis a visit and see how he was doing and low and behold we bought an Audi S4 and an Audi S6 from Curtis and his staff, and I will say that ALL his staff members are the most friendly and pleasant people to work with from Boris (Dealer), Mike (Motorsports Div.) Phil (Service Mgr.) Mike (Finance) ,James (Service Advisor) and all the mechanics. Well earlier this month (March/2014) I decided to purchase an Audi R8 and again all the staff was so helpful and delight to work with. Last week (March 28th. 2014) We had both the R8 and S6 in for upgrades and Curtis gave us a loaner to go get some lunch , well Pete and I decided to stop by Jack Daniels Porsche (Upper Saddle River) to look at the new re designed 2014 Porsche Turbo S. Walking into the dealership we were greeted by Evan Gemma (G.M.) and Chris Franko (Dealer), we explained that we already owned a 2012 Turbo S and were just looking at the new designed 2014. Within a few minutes of speaking Evan and Chris I could see the knowledge and passion they had for the Porsche's. Chris offered to let Pete take the vehicle on a "test drive", needless to say (and very happy to) Peter bought the 2014 Turbo S. Now this is where I was amazed once again..... From Evan to Chris, George, Gary , Mike and all the other employees that we interacted with I was at awe on how polite, professional and knowledgeable everyone was. I must admit I'm not the easiest buyer to deal with but when my experience is that "great"? I have to let everyone know !!!, both dealerships (Jack Daniels) have by far been the most fun and exciting places to have bought all of our cars, and I thank You for that!! I must say,,, Now that we own 4 of your awesome cars, Curtis Aldershof along with Evan Gemma and including all their staff need to be commended for a "job well done"

Porsche Customer | NJ | 2015-11-20

"The experience that I received at Jack Daniels Porsche was one of the best and easiest experience's buying a new car. The salesman Luis was very responsive and patient throughout the buying process. The Manager Evan was very helpful and kept making sure everything was above my expectation. When it came time to sign the paperwork Gary made the process very easy and enjoyable. I would Highly recommend the team at Jack Daniel Porsche."

Guy and Laurie | NJ | 2015-11-20

"We were really only window shopping, when after meeting Paul, and seeing all of the beautiful Porsches, we decided to consider purchasing another Porsche. We have had Porsches in the past and a lot has improved including the classic body style, which we never thought could get any better. Paul let us know he drove a Porsche and told us about all of the enhancements along with his own personal experience driving the car, to help us make our decision. We purchased the car and took delivery only a few days ago. Both Gary and Evan were a genuine pleasure to deal with and we look forward to driving a Porsche for a long long time. It's a great ride!"

Happy Customer | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Jack Daniels is a first rate organization! The whole team is extremely professional from the top down. This is evident from the moment you walk into the massive showroom and extends throughout the entire process. Lou Velez in Sales was a total ace. His knowledge and passion about Porsche's is rivaled by few. Gary Price, the Finance Manager, was very helpful. And Evan, the GM, genuinely cared that the entire process went smoothly. The treatment I received from everyone involved in the process exceeded all my expectations. I love my Panamera 4S and I am counting down the days when I get to come back to Jack Daniels and do it all over again!"

Porsche Customer | NJ | 2015-11-20

"I recently purchased my 2nd Porsche from David Chais. He is one of the best Porsche sales people I have ever worked with and I will only buy my next Porsche from him. His credibility and honesty come through very clearly, he is truly interested in finding the right deal for you. Evan Gemma could not have been better to work with too, he was direct and fair and wasted no time at all in getting the deal done. Gary Price is also fantastic. Everything he had promised about my last purchase turned out to be spot on, and he's a pleasure to deal with besides! Really, truly a great experience which is appropriate for such a great car like a Porsche 911."

elliot ingber | NJ | 2015-11-20

"most people enjoy the experience of driving a Porsche. I was fortunate and had a great experience buying one from Jack Daniels Porsche. Erich Pardo was my sales person and he had me from Hello. Erich was not only knowledgeable but also patient and friendly. I purchased a 991 C4S and thru the entire design and build process he was so friendly and helpful. even when i pestered him WHERE IS MY CAR??? he would also provide me with updates. When the car arrived he took pictures of the car minutes after it arrived at the showroom. The experience did not stop there. he introduced me to Gary Price in the finance dept. I am not stranger to the "finance guys" I would rather go to the dentist. But not Gary was different. He was so nice, friendly and professional. I was not sure i wanted to finance the car thru him. I told him what my bank was offering, He called me one night to tell me he could not match my banks rate- but he could beat it by almost 1/2% WHO DOES THAT?? it was not just the rate that made me feel i was getting the right deal but the way he explained things to me made this buying experience so pleasurable. This place is clearly head and shoulders over my other Porsche buying experiences from other NY Metro dealers. The buying experience was perfect and so is the car."

Robert T. | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Lou Velez and Gary Price. Made it Happen! These 2 gentlemen went out of their way to see my deal come together. They were both very professional & helpful during each lengthy step. I will go out of my way to bring friends and family to this dealer ship. My brother and I each picked up a Porsche within 3 months of each other. We dealt with Lou Velez (sales Person) and Gary Price (Finance Manager). Never have received such Service. Thank You! and Thank You! Roberto Tusell"

Chris | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Both Michael and Gary were very professional and helpful. They were patient and gave me all the information to make a good decision. I would highly recommend both and the dealership in general. Excellent experience."

John Carr | NJ | 2015-11-20

"James Simon went above and beyond any salesman or dealership for that matter, in accommodating my request to purchase a particular Porsche. James successfully paired the seller with my request and delivered a pristine Porsche Turbo. The service and selection of the Porsche were beyond my expectations - I could not be happier. The actual sales and acquisition process was seamless and could not be more perfect in delivering customer satisfaction. I am recommending James and Jack Daniels Porsche to friends and serious investors. Gary Price provided clear and informative dialogue on warranty / service options for the Porsche. Extremely well organized and proficient in satisfying customer expectations, with a congenial attitude towards customers. Outstanding service!!!!!!"

Rich Demler | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Jim Simon arranged a meeting for me to see a Lime Gold Metalic color car when no one else had one in the state. I live 70 miles from this dealership, but it was important for me to see this unique color in person before deciding on a purchase. I saw it and decided right then it was the car for me. Jim then checked on build delivery dates and ordered the 2014 Boxster for me. He kept me up to date with e-mails & phone calls and surprised me with news that my new Boxster came in 3 weeks early. I had already sold my 1999 Boxster and didn't have a ride arranged but Jim took care of that and had an employee pick me up at home and bring me in. When I arrived Jim was there to greet me and show me the car. I then met with Gary Price who had helped me with financing and we completed the paperwork. Jim showed me many of the features on the car and offered his congratulations. I can't sat enough about all the employees I interacted with for this transaction. I would definitely go out of my way to deal with Jack Daniel's Motors again and recommend to friends & family."

Mr. Schmidt | NJ | 2015-11-20

"I enjoyed an excellent experience purchasing my first Porsche at Jack Daniels in July 2013. Michael Pantoliano was my sales person who was very personable, knowledgeable, and did a fine job representing the car I was interested in. He explained every detail of the car to me. Mike also was exceptional in his followup and client service. I also met Gary Price in F/I who was able to get me through the closing process quickly offering me an excellent finance rate as well as a very valuable extended warranty. Lastly I'd like to mention Sales Manager, Bill Deichmeister who followed my sales process closely making sure I was taken care of and all of my needs were addressed in a timely fashion. He always called me back and came through on everything we spoke about. In closing, the overall process at Jack Daniels Porsche was far superior to the other Porsche dealers I visited, and the staff far exceeded my high expectations in every category. I am throughly enjoying my Porsche and very much enjoyed making the purchase with the staff at Jack Daniels. Its easy to recommend such a fine staff, where Gary Price, Bill Deichmeister and Michael Pantoliano are a credit to the dealership!"

Chuck | NJ | 2015-11-20

"They were the first dealer I visited when I began my search for a new Cayenne. I had planned on visiting 2 more dealers to get pricing. Luis was very nice from the start, no usual sales tactics or pressure. I told him what I was looking for and he let me take a couple of cars out for a test drive. Luis just let me enjoy the ride during our drive, gave me more info on the car and that was it. Went over basic pricing and options but no pressure to buy right away. I thought I was in a bizarro world b/c all the employees were very nice and respected my need for space and time to think over pricing and options. Decided to buy my GTS on the spot b/c they offered me a very fair price and treated me like a person, not an end of the month sales number. Gary was great as well going over some after sales options but again no hard sales tactics or pressure, just his honest opinion on what he would get if it was his car. Even though they were the furthest from where I live, I will go back and buy from them again. Best car buying experience ever!"

Guy and Laurie | NJ | 2015-11-20

"We were really only window shopping, when after meeting Paul, and seeing all of the beautiful Porsches, we decided to consider purchasing another Porsche. We have had Porsches in the past and a lot has improved including the classic body style, which we never thought could get any better. Paul let us know he drove a Porsche and told us about all of the enhancements along with his own personal experience driving the car, to help us make our decision. We purchased the car and took delivery only a few days ago. Both Gary and Evan were a genuine pleasure to deal with and we look forward to driving a Porsche for a long long time. It's a great ride!"

Doug Katz | NJ | 2015-11-20

"The experience that I received at Jack Daniels Porsche was one of the best and easiest experience's buying a new car. The salesman Luis was very responsive and patient throughout the buying process. The Manager Evan was very helpful and kept making sure everything was above my expectation. When it came time to sign the paperwork Gary made the process very easy and enjoyable. I would Highly recommend the team at Jack Daniels Porsche."

Douglas Caballero | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Lou, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a great experience at Jack Daniels. As you know I had no intention of purchasing a vehicle on Saturday, I was simply out looking to get my son a bike when he suggested we go "check out some cars"... well after spending about an hour with you, I own a Porsche. I have leased about 20 cars and I have NEVER done it without shopping around. Maybe it was because I never felt that salesman pressure or maybe it was that you are such a genuine person but for THE FIRST TIME EVER, I bought a car "on the spot". My wife's comment was simply "wow, you must've really liked this guy, I'm in shock". I can honestly say that I felt as if I was dealing with a family member who simply had my best interest at heart, some one who wanted to sell me a car but only after he was sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted and was 100% satisfied. Evan was also terrific to deal with as was everyone else I met on the team. They all made me feel totally comfortable and valued. I am sure this will not be the last time I do business with Jack Daniels. If there is anything I can ever do for you please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Douglas Caballero"

Joe Van Hassel | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Jack Daniels Porsche helped to make my dream come true...owning a 911. I can't say enough about the entire staff who go beyond the typical sales transaction by personally seeing that the entire process becomes not only seamless but enjoyable. Evan, James, Gary, Donna, and Barbara are a pleasure to deal with and I appreciate all that they do to make the ownership of my Porsche 911 most enjoyable. I would recommend that you think of Jack Daniel first in your search for any Porsche"

Greg Gualtiere | NJ | 2015-11-20

"Recently purschased my second Porsche from Jack Daniels. David Chais is a pleasure to deal with, a professional with a wealth of information regarding your automobiles. Courtious, follows up and takes the time to answer your questions. Greg Gualtiere Middle Village, NY"

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