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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Jack Daniel Porsche we pride ourselves on continuous customer support, providing you with all the insights into whatever questions you may have.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide our valued customer with professional opinion on all matters Porsche.  From maintanence to service, from garaging to tuning, we would like to be the resource for all your inquiries.  As always our capable professional sales staff and service team are available to answer any questions at 201.231.7442 or via the form at the bottom of this page. As a leading team ensuring quality service we hope that you find this page useful. Through every point of the Porsche experience, Jack Daniels Porsche is here for you.


Seasonal Maintenance: Spring Car Care Tips for Your Porsche

How to prepare your Porsche for spring

Sunday, March 20th marks the first day of spring , with that comes warmer temperatures, different road conditions, and an entirely new experience to have in your Porsche.  You’ve enjoyed your Porsche’s performance all through winter thanks to the maintenance you gave it at start of the season, it’s time to keep the excitement going into spring with a some attention to standard points of care to ensure the best drive possible.....MORE


How Do I Link To Porsche's Bluetooth?

How to connect your Bluetooth to your Porsche

The Bluetooth connection process is quite simple no matter what type of smart phone you own: Android or iPhone. Follow the below instructions for each below, and you'll be set up to play music and talk on the phone with ease and driving safety! As always, feel free to stop by our dealership location on Rt. NJ-17 in Upper Saddle River, and we'll be happy to assist you first hand in the Bluetooth pairing process....MORE


What Type Of Oil Is Best For My Porsche?

Porsche Service

It is no secret that oil is essential to the function and long life of your vehicle, but sometimes the details of its duties and different types can be neglected or misunderstood. Oil serves multiple purposes in your Porsche’s engine. Ensuring that with regular changes and the correct types of oil you will avoid damage on a small or grand level.  Through this we hope to familiarize you with the job oil fulfills overall, as well as what types of oil will provide certain key properties to specific vehicles...MORE


How Does Porsche Compare To The Competition?

How does Porsche stack up to the competition?

Buying a luxury car is one of the biggest decisions a person can make when it comes to transportation. Porsches are among the best luxury cars on the market, largely because of all of the features each of the different models offer their owners, as well as the car’s durability and reliability...MORE


Are Porsche Remanufactured Parts as Good as Porsche New Parts or Rebuilt Parts?

Porsche - Repairs

When faced with major repairs for your Porsche, the choices can sometimes be confusing. For example, if you need to replace parts on your Porsche, you may be wondering, what’s the difference between:Genuine new Porsche parts, Genuine Porsche remanufactured parts, Rebuilt parts. Understanding the difference could save you money while still keeping your Porsche in tip-top condition....MORE

What Do My Porsche's Diagnostic Codes Mean?

Porsche Car Connect & Connect Plus

Though minimal all Porsche enthusiasts need to listen to their cars and take them to their Porsche service center.  For the most part we have all had some sort of education on what exactly a vehicle is trying to tell us. We know when the car doesn’t sound right, we know when something like the brakes are starting to go, using our senses to pinpoint something that may need attention...MORE

 How Do I Prep My Porsche For Winter?

Porsche - Tequipment in winter

In all the holiday rush, it’s easy to forget about one of the essential things that should be on your list of things to do: get your Porsche ready for winter. 'Tis the season to pamper your Porsche...MORE

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